Hello Everyone.
I'm tired and "worn out".

Tired of the run-around and being bounced through 20 some phone calls, six states, and then three countries, of which I finally landed in India, with a kind-gent in MS's Azure Group there In Bangalore.

I posted my questions to him ... "same old -same old routine," no one is offering the goods.
So herein the questions, and I do remain both hopeful and grateful that "maybe someone can actually get me some specific answers".

I thank you all kindly.
Philip Holt
Cloud Security Alliance - Trusted Cloud Initiative Core-Group

First Round Questions – Draft-3


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  • 2 Categories:


a)     Data Centers (DC: 1
question – 5 issues)

b)    Governance – Regulatory – Compliance (GRC) 


Cloud Provider Data Centers –


Are Data Center (DC) Locations Published To Their Customers:


  1. For all their data centers – no matter the world region or continent?       Yes?             No?           
  2. With Respects to DC Binding To Storage?                                       Yes?            No?           
  3. With Respects to DC Binding To Applications?                                          Yes?            No?
  4. With Respects to Storage Location (SL) Knowledge?                                    Yes?            No?
  5. With Respects to SL to Application Binding?                                                Yes?            No?




Governance / Regulatory-Regulations / Compliance –


Do They Have:


  1. Platform Access?                                                Yes?            No?
  2. DC Binding To Storage?                                    Yes?            No?
  3. DC Binding To Applications?                                    Yes?            No?
  4. Data Replication Mechanism[s]?                        Yes?            No?
  5. SLA For Failure Redirection?                                    Yes?            No?
  6. Application Authentication Mechanism[s]?            Yes?            No?
  7. Application Federation Support?                         Yes?            No?
  8. Customer Domain Flexibility?                                    Yes?            No?
  9. Contracts With INFOSec Requirements?                        Yes?            No?





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