Do you want to learn about the Microsoft Azure Platform (Cloud Services)? Come to an Azure Developer Day hosted by the San Diego .Net User Group on Saturday, March 6th!

What is Microsoft Azure ( What are all the pieces and how do they work together? As a developer, how do I build Azure applications? Is this just about storing data in the cloud? How do I get started with Azure?


These are probably all of the questions that you are asking yourself right now about Azure. You , like many other developers are looking at Azure and everyone is looking at from your own angle. Azure is not just one single technology. It is a new platform for developing applications on the Microsoft Cloud platform. Right now you are starting to take a look and trying to figure out where to start. Well, the San Diego .Net User Group has the place for you to start right here with our Azure Tech Day – The Essentials.


This will be first conference that we will be hosting that will be focused on the Microsoft Azure Platform. This first day will be focused on the essentials of the Azure platform and setting up the foundation for building applications in Azure. Later in the year we will have a more advanced Azure day that will be focused on taking your Azure education to an even more advanced level.
But for now we are going to be focused on the foundation of the Azure platform and getting you ready to start building your applications on the Azure platform. And we have some great local speakers that will help you along the way that you would only get to see in one place at a large conference. For this first day we have David Chou, Daniel Egan, Lynn Langit, and Brian Loesgen.


That is a stellar lineup of knowledge that you would only be able to see if you were to attend a large conference like Tech-Ed. And we are bringing that to you for the low cost of only $75. For those who have an annual membership to the San Diego .Net User Group, the cost is even lower at only $45.

For more information and to register check out the registration page at: or

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