Load Balancing among applications and between applications in the Azure Cloud

I was curious to know how load balancing is done between instances in the Azure Cloud.
Say, if I have 5 applications running on 5 different instances on the Azure Cloud, how would I know which instance is serving which application. For instance, if one instance dies, how is it's load divided among other instances. Is there some Performance monitoring tool which which would give stats namely CPU usage, disk usage etc ... of our instances on the cloud ?

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Windows Azure has both instrumentation and a management API that lets you interact with it to find out this kind of information. Not much exists today in the way of wrapping this functionality in an easy-to-use client library, but I expect this to come from Microsoft or third parties eventually.
Not sure I understand the question. Do you have 5 different applications? 1 application that has 5 instances running?
5 different applications (programs) running on 5 different instances.
How would load balancing be done among these 5 instances ? If one instance dies, how would the load be distributed among the remaining 4 instances ?



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