Azure Technology Adoption Program is now accepting applicants

If you are working on a Windows Azure project andf would like to be included in the Windows Azure Technology Adoption Program (TAP) let me know.


This TAP addresses pre-release non-commercial, internal testing and validation of Windows Azure. Windows Azure provides developers with on-demand compute and storage to host, scale, and manage services on the Internet through Microsoft data centers. Windows Azure enables developers to focus on their business logic as opposed to infrastructure needs in creating applications and services that delight their customers.  


The participating company will have dedicated resources available during specified time frames to assist Microsoft with deployment planning, implementation, and feedback. Business advantages for Company include partnering with Microsoft for success in a deployment project, product and business validation for key IT projects, competitive advantage of improving business operations, and opportunities to influence development of future Microsoft products. A large component of the Program consists of the expectation for Company to participate in public relations opportunities such as case studies, testimonials and video clips.



Bill Zack, Architect Evangelist

Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism


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My company sharpcloud would be very interested in joining the Azure TAP if there is availability? If you'd like to hear more about what we're doing please feel free to get in touch. You can also see the MSFT case study we had published -


Andy Britcliffe
Bill, if this is still available, please let me know.

FinanceSeer is interested in joining your TAP program. Is this still available? Please let me know. Our website is

Business Development

Hanu Software has migrated three of its SaaS solutions to the Cloud. We're also working with Microsoft on Azure POCs. We're developing a new application for one of Microsoft's prestigious Big-5 clients. The application will be migrated to Windows Azure.


Shyam Mankikar

Sales Director

Hanu Software


Hi Bill,


I head the cloud technology division at Hanu Software.  Is the TAP program still open?  Could we be included?  Please let me know.




This was a pretty old message that you are replying to.:-)  I will have to check and see of a TAP is still open. There may be one going on for SQL Azure if that interests you.




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