Microsoft's Azure Bootcamps are going strong! At an Azure bootcamp you get a full day of learning Azure through a combination of presentions and hands-on labs. Starting next week, Neudesic is sponsoring the following 12 Azure bootcamps across the country in 12 locations:
  • New York - June 15 RSVP
  • Washington DC - June 22 RSVP
  • Dallas - June 8 RSVP
  • Chicago - June 24-25 RSVP
  • Denver - June 4 RSVP
  • Salt Lake City - June 11 RSVP
  • Portland - June 1 RSVP
  • San Diego - June 1 RSVP
  • Orange County - June 2 RSVP
  • Los Angeles - June 3 RSVP
  • San Francisco - June 15 RSVP
  • Seattle - June 16 RSVP

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Hi Dave: Microsoft is also now giving out free USA developer one-month passes for the Windows Azure platform: no credit card required:

Update to Azure no-credit-card required passes:


I have developed an application by using TearDeveloper ORM (by AlachiSoft), it is working fine localy, but i have moved my application to azure (both application and Data Base) and am using SQL Azure. here it is taking too much time to retrive Data almost 5 minutes for login, here my question is, will TearDeveloper6.1 ORM Supports for SQL AZURE ????? !!!!

Thanks in advance


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